Coping with Covid Anxiety

Covid 19 is getting severe. The uncertainty that brings with it fear. The uncertainty of what can happen, when it will end, how to deal with it and the why?

Just when we thought the worst was over, it has shown itself worse than before. Not just in its physical manifestation but also in its effects on our mental health and well being. As much as the bodily effects are depleting our mental health, our stress and anxiety depletes our bodies immunity.

Here are a few ways to keep yourself afloat:

Breathe: Find regular times during the day to breathe. This will help you feel grounded and calm. This is absolutely essential for your body to feel safe and build immunity. When highly anxious, our bodies get into fight or flight mode and this affects our immunity.

Close your ears to the News: Limit the News. It keeps you on high alert. Listen to people and things you enjoy and make you feel cheerful and hopeful not the other way round.

Open your eyes to everything you can be grateful for in this moment.

Share Honestly: Share what you’re going through with honesty. You don’t have to act like you ain’t affected and you’re holding it together. Be authentic with yourself and with others.

Move your Body: Do exercise, dance, walk, whatever makes you move. It releases dopamine and endorphins, guaranteed to make you feel better.

Use your Fingers- Write, Draw, Bake, Cook. In short, create! Make time for it and do it.


You can’t control COVID, you can control how you respond to it.

Focus on what you can instead of what you can’t.

Let’s get out of this safe- physically and mentally!


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