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Overwhelmed and helpless?

One of the things I hear very often these days.

Yes. There’s too much happening around. The Pandemic wasn’t supposed to last so long. At least, that’s what we all thought.

But it has.

So, let me help you be at your best in the worst of times.

Fill Your Cup
Purple Floral Valentine's Day Facebook Post

The COVID-19 crisis started to emerge slowly.
My life turned upside down overnight.
Overnight, we were in Lock-down.
No school, Work moved home, No help.
No easy access to essentials, no social gatherings, no planning holidays and vacations.
From looking forward to the future, life revolved around surviving the present

The pandemic has been taking a toll on everyone.
Not just physically but mentally as well.
Suddenly and without choice, we were all pushed out of comfort,
juggling multiple roles and wearing numerous hats.
So much more important therefore to take care of ourselves,
in order to take care of our loved ones.

After the initial chaos of settling in to the new routine.
Some things had to be set in place- for myself.
To move from anxiety and overwhelm to thriving.
I share them with you here.

Due to popular demand, this Live session is now available
as a pre- recorded workshop so you can access it in your own time, any time.

You will learn, 5 minute tools,
that you can easily incorporate into your daily schedules.

To make the most of it, make sure you not just listen but engage.
As soon as you register you will also receive a Handout in your email.

Kudos to Loving yourself!

Only for USD 3 / INR 200
Only for USD 3 / INR 200