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“I want it now,” said my toddler screaming, crying and stomping his feet.
“You’ll have to wait for later,” said me for the fifth time, holding the medicine bottle in my hand.
My brain was on high alert for the meltdown that was evident. He obviously wasn’t listening anymore. Reason was not something he could understand. Not in that moment anyways.
I took a deep breath and squatted next to him. I dodged a hit and had to back up a little bit.
He continued his tantrum. Fists clenched, loud cries, anger, frustration, disappointment all rolled into one.
I just stayed by his side at a safe distance offering a hug now and then but him refusing angrily.
10 minutes later of what seemed like ages, his cries turned into sobs and he let me comfort him.
He helped me with the cooking after that. It wasn’t about the medicine after all.
Do your kids’ tantrums catch you off guard?
Does the screaming, crying, kicking seem unbearable?
Do you end up having a tantrum of your own instead?
I understand, I was like that a few years ago.
In this Masterclass, you will understand the What, When and Why behind Tantrums.
You will also be given specific steps on How to manage a Tantrum.
All based on research and applied effectively.
Don’t get drowned in a Tantrum anymore.
Stay afloat.
Watch it now.
Only for INR 499