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Faith Blocks by Gilda Rose

Hi, I’m Gilda. Wife, and mom of two.

I love Jesus.

Here’s how I’m finally having meaningful and gratifying Eucharistic experiences with my little ones.

And now, you can too.

Faith Blocks

Faith Blocks—the story


Faith Blocks was born with the intention of building faith in little ones from the beginning.

When I held my first born in my arms all I ever wanted was for him to know and love His Maker. I used to google and use Pinterest to create activities for him regularly.


But when baby no. 2 came along, all of that became difficult to do as often as I used to. We stuck with Bible reading and prayer. As they grew older and we went to church, it was getting harder to participate in and enjoy the Eucharist. We had to carry along sticker books or little toys to keep them engaged and entertained inside, instead of being ‘outstanding’ members.

I didn’t want to keep juggling my head around the days reading and dinosaurs. So I started making simple worksheets that would keep my toddler engaged that revolved around the theme of that day. This ensured both of us kept our sanity and absorbed as much as possible in that time. I finally felt we were celebrating together. I also noticed other parents of similar aged kids struggling the same way and that’s when I decided to put these out there.

Strengthen and grow in your faith.

Learn creative ways to incorporate faith into your child’s life.

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Faith Blocks

Here’s what parents say

Faith Blocks