Does your marriage reflect the Trinity?

The Holy Trinity- The Big mystery.
“The mind of man cannot fully understand the mystery of the Trinity. He who has tried to understand the mystery fully will lose his mind; but he who would deny the Trinity will lose his soul.” Harold Lindsell and Charles J. Woodbridge, A Handbook of Christian Truth,1953
The saints have spoken long and wide about it and yet fail to explain it in entirety.
A mystery we can only stand in awe of and never reduce to fit our comprehension.
Three distinct persons, One God.
Three, yet One.
Not just together. But unified.
Isn’t it the essence of what we are called to, in marriage?

Here’s an imperfect attempt at simplifying its repercussion to the Vocation of Holy Matrimony.

Unique identity:
The Father, Son and Holy Spirit, each have their own unique identity. Separate and distinct from each other in their role and substance. Just like a husband and wife, uniquely man and woman. As much as Eve is made from the rib bone of Adam, she has no similarity to him in anything but that she is also flesh. An unrepeatable personality, distinguishing character and traits, talents, skills, background and interest. God made only one of each type. He made us the way we are, to enjoy who He made us to be, even within our marital relationship. Is there freedom your spouse enjoys to be themselves?

One God:
Three, yet One. It’s like a perfect piece of puzzle fitting together. Incomplete without the other. God, man and wife make a marriage complete. Man and woman connected to God, and God fusing the man and woman. In spite of their differences and uniqueness they are called to merge together and become One. A process that takes much pruning and pain, but most of all, love. Are we consistently making the effort to move towards this perfect union?

Bound together in Love:
And now, they shall no longer be two, but one. Where else but in God do we see this complete?
One in heart, one in mind, one in body. The epitome and personification of Love. Love that overflows and encompasses the other completely and unconditionally. A love that as spouses, we are called to. In the Trinity, we see our role model. Even our bodies are designed to complete the other and achieve true union. How united are you?

No secrets:
There are no secrets, no hidden places, no fear, no shame in this communion. One knows the other so entirely and completely. John 14:7, “If you had known me, you would have known my Father also; henceforth you know him and have seen him.” A place of safety and intimacy. How well do you know your spouse? Can someone who knows you say that they know your other half too?

The love between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit overflows into every living creature. It is not one that can be kept enclosed or curtailed. It pours out enveloping everything that comes in its way. This is what our marriages should do. Be a mirror of Christ’s love. Do the ones around us experience an embrace of Divine love through the love shared between you and your loved one?

“Wherever there is love, there is a Trinity: A Lover, A Beloved and a Fountain of Love” -St. Augustine

The Holy Trinity is the living example of what we are called to. Who alone but God is the source and summit of our marriages?What from the above is your biggest challenge right now?
Meditating on the Holy Trinity, we see our incapacity to love as we should. Meditating on the Holy Trinity, we receive consolation. Meditating on the Holy trinity we see, what we shall once be.